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Jinan Zhengfengweiye Machinery,insulating glass equipment,aluminum-PVC doors and windows equipment,insulating glass machinery,aluminum door and window machinery,PVC door and window machineryJinan Zhengfengweiye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturers of insulating glass equipment and aluminum-PVC doors and windows. The Company combined to research and development, production, sales and service, has experienced experts and fully functional mechanical processing capacity. Over the years,we efforts on research and development of the windows and doors field, and faced the industry to provide general assembly equipment sets of the Broken Bridge aluminum, two-color co-extruded and PVC-steel profiles, as well as high-grade aluminum trough insulating glass production lines, and in accordance with user needs customization and special equipment.
Sales & Service
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銆ADD:No.104-89,Daqiao Town,Tianqiao District,Jinan City,Shandong,China  Service TEL:086-531-88796991  Sales TEL:086-531-88796981(FAX) 
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